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I’m Marius

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Designer &
Webflow Developer.

I help start-ups in the B2B tech industry build websites that increase online conversions and engage audiences.

What I do


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From information architecture to high-fidelity prototypes to help tell your product story and reach your audience.


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Swift and pixel-perfect Webflow development, with third-party integrations and engaging interactions for fast-paced companies.

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Marius is a rock star. He not only creates brilliant designs and well-thought-out UX's but, unlike many designers, is able to take feedback and intelligently incorporate that into subsequent design iterations. has benefited immensely from his expertise.

Steve Guttman
Chief Product Officer, Arrivy.

How I do it

A strong process is essential for a successful project.

Start with a clear goal and a well-built structure.

Defining the product's purpose, the problems it solves, and how is crucial in building a successful digital experience.

Visual and interaction design that is inline with your brand.

After the structure is defined and the product has robust functional architecture, the next stage is to craft the visual design and how the user will interact with the product.

Prototype, test and implement.

A high fidelity prototype can help cut the costs by testing the product and make the necessary iterations before the development stage.