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Bellevue, Washington


Arrivy connects service businesses and their customers by providing a logistic software solution for the last mile.

My Role:

Art Direction and UI/UX Design


Arrivy creates extraordinary tools for service businesses to improve operations and have better communication with their customers.
I helped them create a better user experience for their clients and redesign the website to generate new sales leads.

Mobile app design

The mobile app is used by crew members to manage their tasks, keep in touch with clients and update the activity feed.
I successfully designed a fast and easy to use interface that facilitates field team communication with clients and managers.

DAshboard design

Arrivy's Dashboard is used by service businesses to communicate with their crew, organize tasks and routes and keep in touch with clients.

"Marius is a rock star. He not only creates brilliant designs and well-thought-out UX's, but unlike many designers, is able to take feedback and intelligently incorporate that into subsequent design iterations. has benefited immensely from his expertise."

Steve Guttman
Chief Product Officer, Arrivy

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